InFocus Tampa Photo Tours

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        Welcome to Tampa Photo Tours!  First and foremost, this tour is TRULY for everyone!  From photographically challenged to avid camera users to camera experts, this tour experience will be enjoyed by everyone.  

        On your journey you'll experience the fun, excitement and beauty that is Tampa.  Follow our experienced guides as you wander through the rich history of the 1926 Tampa Theatre and admire the astonishing architecture along the new Tampa Riverwalk all while learning simple techniques to take your photos from average to awesome.  Experience the front line of modern art as we pass over the Hillsborough River and make our way to the beautiful University of Tampa.  We'll get up close and personal with Plant Hall learning to incorporate the rule of thirds into picture taking. Enjoy lush parks and blossoming flowers as we meander back through the city center passing Tampa's newest public art program serving as a perfect lesson for great portrait photography

Infocus Tampa Photo Tours